Jesus Chirst is King

Rev 19:16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords.

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Thought Provoking Christian websites with articles and Radio programs

A information packed radio show trait to the point talk about current events and indulges in areas the mediawill not talk about.

A great radio show packed full of information most churches don't indulge in such as the fall of man and what it means to live a holy life. Also talks about the rapture and how to stay prepared

The Hagmann and Haggman report provides listeners with news thats not sugar coated preparing us for the times were living in

Informative website packed with articles and videos great biblical insight

Great website of an amazing pastor who has had several prophetic dream and visions

La marzulli author, researcher lecturer amazing videos. Blogs about various news events the media will not talk about

A great site dedicated to Lord Jesus. Talks about various different topics packed with several different articles and videos

This is a wonderful link to the you-tube channel of Johnathan Kleck. Full of informative and intriguing videos that cover various different topics all biblically based

Johnathan Klecks main website packed with informative videos that talk about several different biblically based topics. Talks about our DNA the fall of man and the elite

An awesome website by Doc Marquis who was raised a child in the international occultic group known as the Illuminati and was involved in some of the most unspeakable acts known to mankind. He got saved by the Lord and gave his life to Jesus and and works on exposing the Illuminati and their agenda

An amazing account of John Ramirez who used to be involved in the Satanic occult working with the Devil to bring people down. He wrote an amazing book called out of the Devils cauldron, an amazing account of how the lord delivered him from the Devils snare.

A great website packed with articles videos and audios sounding the alarm that were living in the last days. Great information on the Olympic ceremony and how it was ritualistically done.

An information packed site containing informative articles on natural health and alternative news. Packed with information you won't likely hear in the mainstream news.

An informative website by Paul McGuire a radio talk show host an author. Packed with several articles that talks about America and prophecy. The articles talk about thought provoking concepts that helps to define many bible concepts and talks about the unprecedented times were currently living in and how to be spiritually ready.

This is a wonderful website put together by a friend of mine talking about protecting your children from abuse. Packed with scriptures and prayers and anointing prayers for your child